Welcome to The Black Sheep Collective

Individuals supporting each other in their journey towards personal freedom

Is this for you?

Do you ever wonder if there is more to life than what you see in front of you? 

Are you one of those people who on the outside seem to have it all, but on the inside are feeling constantly anxious, worried about the future? Maybe you know the feeling of not really having control over your life, or maybe it is the constant need to be liked or please others. Perhaps you feel the anger, the low grade stress and burnout at having to keep up all the time. Do you play hamster-wheel game, you know the one; with the constant striving for a paid-off mortgage, a vacation home, a new car, investments and kids in college.

Peter J. & Tara know exactly how you feel because they too were there once. With seven children, multiple 7 & 8 figure businesses and enough university education for a lifetime they really understand what running the hamster wheel feels like. Burned out, tired and frustrated and yet knowing there was compassion, love and kindness hiding just around the corner.

Inspired by reading Viktor Frankl (Man's Search for Meaning) they realized that true happiness, fulfilment and freedom can only come from within. So they decided to stop searching for fulfilment in the world around them. After all if Viktor Frankl could find meaning in a Nazi concentration camp, surely they could do this in suburban bliss.

So Peter J. & Tara began to make a radical change in their lives and developed a program to focus on growing their internal happiness and freedom. After meeting amazing mentors and teachers along the way they were successful in being able to shift their context and before long were (mostly) rising above all the frustrations, divisiveness and hostility they encountered in the world.

Before long they found they were less affected by the current thing dominating the news cycle, less attached to their things and able to see around the corner. They realized that governments, politics, news and the pandemic were all the same external stimuli that would continue to be there regardless of what they did. The only thing they could control was their internal world and paradoxically the more they improved their internal world, the more their external circumstances improved as well.

Their health improved and Peter J. reversed his type 2 diabetes. The relationships with their children improved and they started to find a growing number of deep friendships forming. They began running their businesses, rather than the businesses running them.

These changes were so profound that they knew others who felt like they did could benefit as well. 

Peter J. & Tara decided to create the Black Sheep Community as a place where you too can leave the frustrations, divisiveness and hostility behind. A community where your own internal journey toward peace, harmony and tranquility elevates you above politics, above the daily grind, above the conflicts.

Regardless of where you are in your personal development journey know that we have all been there to some extent. You are not alone. The Black Sheep Collective was founded precisely for you to have a global community of likeminded individuals to connect with. 

Typically after a little while in the community our members tell us that:

* They have found a best friend (or two)

* They feel welcomed and supported

* The feel relieved that they can speak freely with having to self censor (or be censored)

* They have a roadmap on how to grow as a free individual

* The have a tribe, a community that cares

If any of this resonates with you, sign up now (with no obligation). Our $20 per month fee keeps out the tire kickers and the crazies.

What to expect

We want to support you on your deeply personal journey to freedom. True freedom comes from within.

We are building out the Buccaneer & Black Sheep Roadmap to support you in every step of your journey to personal freedom. Our support includes:

  • A members only online community where you can interact with like minded people (without having to censor yourself).
  • providing you with courses, reading recommendations and video material that cover everything you need to learn and understand. 
  • From the external world such as getting your health right - we have it covered. Improving your relationships - yup we have that too. Getting your business right - covered. We have the internal world covered as well. 
  • Developing deep calm, tranquility and peace - yes, that too. 
  • Weekly live streaming shows with legendary guests, regular Q & A sessions, engaging chat, book club, dating and much more.
  • We have cool merch (and you get a complimentary Black Sheep Collective t-shirt when you sign up).
  • Most importantly IOHO (In Our Humble Opinion) we have brought together a community of outstanding individuals. People you can connect with and build relationships, friendships and receive support, advice and encouragement on the journey. Perhaps more than anything else, this should be one of the main reasons you consider signing up.

We only have one plan. $20 per month (on our annual plan) or $30 if you prefer to pay monthly. If that is too much there are plenty of free groups we would encourage you to join. You can leave at any time with no obligation. The only rule is that if you choose to "abandon ship" you can never return.